Climbing World Cup in Xiamen: "Spiderwoman" breaks record in speed-climbing

Tuesday, 22.10.2019
02:52 clock

It almost looks like Aries Susanti Rahayu is pulled up the wall, so fast she shoots up. In fact, the Indonesian climbed up the 15-meter-high wall – so fast that she broke the speed-climbing record: she only needed 6.995 seconds.


The 24-year-old achieved the record at the IFSC World Climbing Cup in Xiamen, China. She competed against a competitor from China, Song Yiling. And she had set the previous record only in April: At that time she managed the track in 7.101 seconds.

"I'm very happy, that's great for me," Rahayu said after her win – and then put her left hand in the camera. Because the starting conditions were far from ideal – Rahayu was injured on hand and fingers.


  Speed-Climbing is one of three climbing disciplines that will premiere at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics; this also includes bouldering and difficulty (lead). It is likely that Rahayu will fight for gold in Tokyo – she is considered an expert in speed climbing, her nickname is "Spiderwoman".

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