Terminator 6 review: That's what the first viewers say

 Recently, the first reviews of the new blockbuster Terminator 6: Dark Fate were released. Many of the reactions are very positive and praise the sequel in various ways. Some even say that it is the best movie in the series since the cult strip Terminator 2. Here you can find out in detail what the first moviegoers still have to say about Terminator 6: Dark Fate. Before the public launch of Terminator 6: Dark Fate, the first critics were recently invited for a personal screening. The cult originals Terminator 1 and 2 set the standards for the new movie quite high. The vast majority of the first moviegoers seems to be very satisfied with the result. Above all, two things penetrate again and again. For one, Terminator 6 should be the best part since Terminator 2. And secondly, the performance of Linda Hamilton and her actor colleagues are praised.
For Erik Davis of Fandango, Terminator 6 is not only the best sequel since the second film. He even described Dark Fate as his cinematic climax of 2019. He especially praised newcomer Mackenzie Davis and wrote: "It's rousing, intense and without a break, but also a sweet story about getting things right Arnold is great and Linda is great, but Mackenzie Davis towers over. "
Also for Collider author Perri Nemiroff Terminator 6: Dark Fate is the best sequel since the second part. This is especially due to the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor: "Is Terminator 6: Dark Fate the best since T2? Japp Linda Hamilton's return makes a big difference, Mackenzie Davis is excellent and Natalia Reyes is an excellent fixture." Gabriel Lunas Rev -9 is also a winner – physicality, visual effects, battles – everything is just right! I'm glad they made another run. "
Are the Critics of Terminator 6: Dark Fate Curious? You will see the movie from October 24, 2019 in German cinemas. Until then, check out the trailer in our player under this text. Simply click to start the video.

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