Chile – riots: "When the projectile hit, I knew immediately: That's it"

When Ariel Flores drops his sunglasses, one looks into a clear left eye and on the other side into an encrusted hole. On Wednesday morning this week, Flores is sitting in the eye clinic of the Salvador Hospital in Santiago de Chile and waiting for him to finally be called, a 21-year-old student in sweatpants, who still hardly understands what happened to him Days before, Flores says, he was also on October 29th with some friends at the Plaza Baquedano in Santiago to vent his fury on a corrupt elite who "shit" on people like him can hardly afford life anymore. Then stones flew, panic broke out, teargas burned in Flores' eyes. He had run, he says, not knowing exactly where to go, and when he turned around, there was a policeman three meters in front of him.Flores looked into the barrel of the gun. Then it was getting dark. "When the projectile hit, I knew right away: That's it,"

This article was published for the first time in the SPIEGEL issue 46/2019.

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