Frankfurt: Gunfight in front of Ikea branch – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Saturday, 09.11.2019
15:56 clock

Saturday morning in Frankfurt am Main in a robbery to a gunfight in front of an Ikea branch. A messenger was seriously injured. From the culprit missing so far every trace.


According to police, the 56-year-old Geldbote just left the Ikea furniture store in Frankfurt Nieder-Eschbach via a side entrance with a cash box. Then he was attacked by the culprit and it came only to a scuffle and then the firefight, as the "Hessian" reported.

Offenders still fleeting

The perpetrator was able to flee with the money. According to the police, the fugitive wears a white hoodie and black sweatpants. So far, one goes only from a culprit. About the amount of stolen money, the police could not provide information. The severely injured Geldbote is currently being treated in a hospital.

  The police are currently questioning numerous witnesses who had witnessed the crime. The crime scene was closed off, but operations in the store could continue. Police warn that the perpetrator is still armed. If you see the fugitive, call the police immediately.

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