"Was Victim of Abuse": New Allegations Meet Nike Oregon Project

              Saturday, 9th November 2019

              The list of allegations against the Nike Oregon Project is growing and growing. Now, Mary Cain, once run prodigy, speaks up. She accuses the sporting goods manufacturer and her ex-coach Alberto Salazar to have established a system of abuse.
              Athletic coach Alberto Salazar, who has been suspended for doping violations, and the Nike Oregon Project (NOP) face new charges. Former US prodigy Mary Cain said in a New York Times article that during her time at the NOP, she was asked to significantly reduce her weight. This has led to the loss of their period over three years. She had suffered five broken bones and in the end even thought about suicide. "I was the victim of abuse through a system and a man," said the 23-year-old, who joined the NOP in 2013 as a 17-year-old. At this time she was celebrated as a big middle distance hope. But with their terms it went from now only downhill. Most recently, it appeared in 2016. On October 10, Nike's controversial NOP was officially declared over. A few days earlier, Alberto Salazar had been suspended for four years for violating anti-doping regulations. "Felt suddenly freed." The recent developments had apparently opened Mary Cain's eyes. "After the doping trial, I suddenly felt freed, which helped me to understand that this system is not okay," she said, "so I decided to comment now, and Nike has a chance to make changes and his athletes to protect in the future. " And: "I hope the investigation focuses on the culture that Alberto [Salazar] created." Kara Goucher, 2007 Vice World Champion over 10,000 meters, joined the allegations in the same post. She trained under Salazar from 2004 to 2011. Goucher said that she had secretly eaten after the meals prepared by the coaches to quench her hunger. The members of the NOP were asked to weigh before their training colleagues. Steve Magness, who worked as a coach at the NOP, said Salazar's obsession with reducing his athlete's body fat percentage. "Deeply disturbing allegations." Sportswear giant Nike was surprised by Cain's allegations. "These are deeply troubling allegations that Mary or her parents have not yet made, and Mary did not want to return to the Oregon Project and Alberto's team until April of this year, and did not raise those concerns in the process." Take the allegations "Very seriously, we will promptly investigate to hear former Oregon athletes, and at Nike we always try to put the athlete at the center of our actions and contradict these claims complete our values, "it says in the message.

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